Design + Build

Creative International Co. gives considerable thought to the design of the modern commercial, residential and corporate spaces. We apply Thought Leadership to every project and collaborate closely with our clients to understand and develop their continuously – evolving aspirations and emerging trends.

Commercial and Corporate Interior Design includes not only providing an environment in which people come to do work. Instead, it is about creating a ‘Sense of Place’ for companies and their employees that suits their needs, defines both their professional and personal values and that allows them seamlessly to transition between both.

We are proud to deliver a complete project from design and furnishing to contracting.

Reason to choose Creative International


Interior Expertise

From the moment you acquire your site until the day your vision becomes a reality, we’re here for your success, creating and designing every step of the way.


Reasonable Price

While the outside of your building makes the first impression, the interior should make a lasting one. We are able to create custom design packages to fit your taste and budget.


Guaranteed Works

We are confident of the quality and standard of work we implement. Our services continue till after the delivery of the project.


Free Consultation

Our experts are always ready to help you with good knowledge of required interior material specifications and construction practices.